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(IVF, IUI, Test Tube baby)

Want to have a baby, but facing difficulties? We are here to help.

Approximately 15-20% couples are unable to conceive a child. So, don't worry if you’re also facing infertility issues. There are a lot of treatment options available to you. You need expert guidance and the latest specialized techniques to maximize your chances of having a baby.


At Srishti Hospitals, we are Upper Assam's leading provider of fertility, IVF, and other assisted conception treatments. We have treated over 1000 patients with a success rate of 35-40%. Our team consists of expert infertility specialists, embryologists, and technicians. We are one of the largest groups of IVF clinics from the North-East and have alliances in Guwahati, Delhi NCR and Kolkata.


In November 2017, as a part of their Health Survey, The Times of India Ranked us amongst the top 3 hospitals in the East India Zone providing IVF services. We are extremely proud to state that we have been ranked No. 1 in the entire North Eastern Zone.



Upper Assam's first successful IVF pregnancy at Srishti Hospitals, Dibrugarh

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IVF Centre (Test Tube Baby)

IUI  (Intra Uterine Insemination)


( Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection)

Embryo Freezing

Egg Donation

Sperm Retrieval

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